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Britt Knighton

Marketing Director
Waco, TX
Britt is the creative director at Hole in the Roof marketing. He focuses on brand strategy and product design in the web, app, apparel, and promo product world. The son of two retired educators, His involvement with ReTech has been a joining of two passions: Dynamic design and bettering education through better technology.

"I am first and foremost passionate about art. I love design, balance, architecture, movies, and more! I love how good art permeates through business, church, education, and government. I believe in good art changing a product's success or bad art causing a personal boycott (ahem... papyrus fonts and pink camo)"

Britt consults and designs for universities and companies across the US and abroad. Britt has a wife of 6 years and a 2 year old son in Waco, Tx (near Austin).