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Dr. Dale Truding

Arlington Heights District 25
Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning
Arlington Heights, Il
Dr. Truding has 43 consecutive years in education in 7 different states and 11 different suburban school districts. Dr. Truding has served as a teacher, coach, consultant, principal, director and Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning. Truding has also designed two new schools; one in Birmingham, Alabama (Trace Crossings School) and one in Birmingham Michigan (Birmingham Covington School-BCS).
Dr. Truding's Doctorate in Educational Leadership; Dissertation: "The Effects of a MMORPH on Second Language Acquisition", 2011. Truding has many partnerships including the authors of ELA Common Core Standards focusing on Reading Like a Detective and Writing Like an Investigative Reporter, K-8. She also partnered with one of the authors of the new National Science Framework on "What does Implementation Look Like in a Middle School Science Classroom. Additionaly, Dr. Truding worked with Dr. Yong Zhao and the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University to implement on 1.2 million grant to teach Mandarin Chinese in Grades 4-16.  Dr. Truding also co-designed and implemented the WIRED(World Focus, Integration, Reflection, Engagement and Discovery) Framework for District 25, Arlington Heights, Illinois.
She has presented at AASA, IASA, and NASB on the topic, "WIRED for Global Mindset."