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Paul Reynolds can't quite remember the moment the egg split, altering his life forever, but he's thoroughly glad it did. His twin brother Peter has been a source of constant inspiration and cosmic companionship during his entire life journey. After a short incubator stay in a hospital outside Toronto, Peter and Paul eventually moved to the United States and started a small publishing business at the age of seven with the help of a Savin office photocopier that his parents had rescued from a local corporate dumpster.

Since those modest beginnings around the photocopier, Paul’s appetite for creating and sharing media with others has continued without any signs of slowing. While brother Peter spent nearly thirteen years crafting engaging learning applications for children at Tom Snyder Productions (before launching FableVision,) Paul was taking care of the "grown up children" at the innovative eLearning media firm he helped found and run for nearly fifteen years called Cosmic Blender until it was sold to an international media/PR group.

Paul reunited with Peter and serves as CEO, where he presides over a growing team of passionate, dedicated media, design, technology and research specialists. Paul has helped build the multimillion-dollar firm into an internationally recognized multimedia developer and publisher, with partnerships, strategic alliances and clients across many industries - broadcast, museum, institutional, K12, educational publishing, technology and research (PBS, Sesame Street, National Academy of Sciences, Pearson, Scott Foresman, Jim Henson Productions, KCET, Cisco Systems, MIT, Maryland Public TV, etc.) Paul oversees creative strategy on all major initiatives to blueprint projects, as well as overseeing the many teams who execute on that vision.

When he's not entrenched in all things FableVision, Paul also continues to teach digital media production at Boston College, where he has been inspiring students for nearly two decades to use media, storytelling and technology to tell "stories that matter, stories that move." A life-long learner as well as educator, Paul also completed his graduate degree studies at Pepperdine University in educational technology, with a focus on virtual communities of practice and storytelling for transformational and systemic change.

Paul speaks around the country on the importance of a "North Star journey" - where our focus as educators and caregivers is on a learner-centric approach that requires we identify the unique spark of every individual, nurture that spark, protect that spark and reignite it if it goes out. "I think our most important mission is to make sure learners don't give up on their own potential - and that demands some fundamental changes our current educational system - otherwise, it shouldn't surprise us that we DO leave so many children behind."

His avid interest in research contributed to his co-founding of the Research Centre for Media Psychology, which looks at ways that media, storytelling and technology foster human potential and well-being across the age span. RCMP is a collaboration between FableVision and Fielding Graduate University, as well as faculty from Harvard, Oxford and UCLA.

And when he's not immersed in media and research, Paul enjoys raising three amazing boys, Joshua, Benjamin and Nathaniel with his saint of a spouse Janet, who runs their family-owned book and toy shop called The Blue Bunny located in their hometown of Dedham, Massachusetts. The Blue Bunny, featuring the published and original work of brother Peter, is a "little shop with a big mission" - to inspire creativity and self-expression in children and grown up children. Paul gives thanks for his creative journey to his late father Keith Reynolds and his mother, Hazel, who lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts - both of whom have supported him in his artistic, educational and media endeavors.