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Vitaliy Popov

The Global Technology and Engineering Consortium
the Netherlands
I am a PhD candidate at the Education and Competence Studies Group, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, graduating in October 2013. My dissertation is on intercultural online collaborative learning in higher education. Specifically, I have developed and examined the effects of an interculturally enriched collaboration script on students’ collaborative learning in culturally diverse groups.

I have extensive experience working with an international student body and developing interactive and collaborative forms of international learning in virtual classrooms. Over the past four years I have presented several papers at international conferences, such as American Educational Research Association, International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and published articles in international scientific journals, such as ‘International Journal of Intercultural Relations’, ‘The Internet and Higher Education’.

I am passionate about studying intercultural relations and teamwork processes. For me, a perfect team of people working together should capitalize on its diversity rather than being constrained by it.